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Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

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  • Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

    I did a quick search and found nothing on this subject.

    My company is thinking about getting everyone that works in the field smart phones (Treo or Motorola Q) to work with exchange 2003. I have read many things about the setup of this but find that some people mention needing the front end of exchange installed and other don't. We do not have the front end of exchange setup, on the back end.

    I guess what I would like to have someone answer me is do you have to have the front end of exchange setup and installed in order for active sync to work? If yes why is this? If not can some please explain how you would set this up? I think that the biggest problem I would have would being dealing with the firewall. I guess the front end of exchange allows you not to have to worry about this.

    If there are other ways to have emails sent to the phone as soon as they come in I would really like to hear about this as well. There seems to be so much that you can do with these phone now, but the Cell Phone carriers don't know anything about how to set things up!


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    Re: Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

    No you do NOT need a FE in order for ActiceSync to work. You can do this in a single-server scenario, no problem.

    The reasons for adding a FE would be to:

    1) Have a single point of contact, a single name for the clients to use in case of multiple BE servers.

    2) Have better load balalncing options in case of multiple BE servers.

    3) Offload SSL encryption.

    4) Have better security - another "hop" between the clients and the server.

    In the best case scenario, you would place an ISA2004/2006 server inside your DMZ, a FE in the LAN, and publish the FE's OWA, OMA and ActiveSync through the ISA server.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

      I run a small company and just over 30 days ago added a Treo 700wx to my network. I had a PPC-6600 before with Windows Mobile 2003 that did not allow Exchange to push e-mail. The Treo with WM5 does and it was simple to set up.

      I did a USB sync with ActiveSyn 4.2, then browsed my Treo and copies over the Microsoft cert from my server. There is a utility on the Treo to install the cert.

      Nothing has to be done to Exchange 2003 [email protected] - it works with the default settings. On the Treo I configured ActiveSync to sync with a server, gave it the server address, username and password and everything worked.

      Two weeks ago I swiched my network from Server 2003 with Exchange 2003 to SBS 2003 R2. I had the Treo working on the first network too without any problems.

      I will be setting up a large real estate company after Christmas and they will all be using smartphones. I do not see any problems.
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        Re: Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

        After installing the cert. you eneter the IP address, OWA, or OMA address? All of these are setup and working if I try them.

        From my reading I thought that there was something that you had to open on the firewall if you didn't have a Frontend Exchange installed. Is this ture? If so what are the ports that you have to open?

        We tried this a couple months ago with a Motorola Q and never could get the active sync to work. Getting the cert. to install was a big problem but even after that it still didn't work, it was unable to talk to the Exchange. My thought on this was that we were trying the OWA address instead of the OMA.

        I guess that I really want to make sure that this is going to work before buying one of these phones. Having both of you say that it will work without a front end of Exchange make me think that we were doing something wrong the last time we tired.



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          Re: Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

          Using Small Business Server as an example, your SBSCERT.CER might be for

          In ActiveSync on the Treo use as the address for your server, not your IP address.

          The WM5 wants a DER certificate. The sbscert.cer is not a DER certificate. Open up OWA on your pC by going to

          If you haven't already, install the certificate on the PC. Then open up the certificate in OWA and save it to a file. Save it as a type DER certificate. I saved mine to treo.cer

          Make a USB connection to your Treo and put the certificate in your Personal folder on the Treo. Use the Treo File Explorer and double click on treo.cer and it will install.

          Go into the system settings on the Treo and open up the certificate manager. You will now see a certificate for
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            Re: Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions


            Forward port 443 to your Exchange Server
            Network Engineers do IT under the desk


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              Re: Exchange Active Sync 2003 setup questions

              Thanks for all the help. Now I just need to buy the phone and test. I am sure that I will have more questions once I get the phone, so please look for further posting from me.

              Thanks agian!