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  • Email vanishing from inbox

    My 1st Post! I hope I don't make many mistakes.
    There is a thread on this subject but I don't know how to add my problem to it.
    I have mail hitting my inbox and before my eyes it is deleted.
    We use Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003. During the day I removed one of my rules that copied mail from one sender to a colleague. Shortly after I noticed my inbox was empty. Thinking I had inadvertantly deleted everything I restored my mailbox on the server. By the time I returned to my desk the inbox was empty. I did a second restore and went back to my desk somewhat quicker and watched the mail dissappear. Sending a mail to myself confirmed send/receive/disapper. My get out of Jail card was to create a new folder and a rule that COPIED anything that was to or cc to me into the new folder. All other rules have now been deleted.

    Now I tried to workout what was wrong. The problem occurs using either Outlook or Outlook Web Access so I assume something is amiss on the server. In the Server event viewer are three Exchange errors that might help.
    1. At 14:54 Event ID 9661. Unsolicited commercial email filter level has been updated. The new level is 5. I never touched it and I am the only one with access to the server.
    2. At 15:15 Event ID 1085. Some data refered to in code page 4095 that is currently not supported by the OS. Install support for the language in the regional options in the Windows 2000 control panel
    3. At 15:18 Event ID 1211. User petersmith used ROWLIST_REPLACE to delete all rules in folder 1-1488. 34 rules got deleted and 17 rules were add.

    The problem is there with or without the new rule.

    Any help would be appreaciated.

    Peter Smith

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    Re: Email vanishing from inbox

    Have you re-created your Outlook profile recently??

    You have set the deliver new mail option to a .pst file instead of your mailbox have you?
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      Re: Email vanishing from inbox

      Thanks for the reply. Nothing has changed. No new profile and the deliver new mail is to 'Mail box - my name'.


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        Re: Email vanishing from inbox

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          Re: Email vanishing from inbox

          Try starting Outlook with the cleanrules switch.
          Close Outlook and ensure that it isn't running in task manager.
          Then click Start, Run and type

          outlook.exe /cleanrules

          Outlook will start normally and flush all rules, even those that you cannot see out of the mailbox.

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            Re: Email vanishing from inbox

            I just encountered this problem today. My server blue-screened with STOP: 0x0000000A IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL stop error. After that I have one user, that I know of, that will get an email and then it will disappear from his inbox. I have no idea what's happening to it but he never had any rules set up or anything. It's weird because it'll stay there for a second and then it will just be gone the next second. Hopefully there is only one user with this problem but if it was brought on by the stop error on the server, then I doubt it.

            update: removed the check mark for "use cached exchange mode" and the problem went away. Any ideas on what happened there?
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