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problem after migration from exch 5.5 to exch 2000

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  • problem after migration from exch 5.5 to exch 2000

    I've a mixed mode domain with two DC (win2k sp4) with own DNS and many BDC nt4 sp6.
    In a bdc i've exchange 5.5 build 2653.23 Sp4 while in the other DC (it' s a Global catalog) i've configured Exchange 2000 v 6.0 build 6249.4 Sp3.

    I want to migrate all mailbox to exch 2000 and delete the old exchange 5.5.
    Following the instructions of this KB : 316886 i've installed ADC and run on the DC setup/forestprep ,setup/domainprep , install exchange 2000 in the exch 5.5 site.

    That's all right.
    With Ad us & comp -- "exchange task" i can move mailbox without problem.

    The problem is that i can't send mail from a migrated user to a user with mailbox in exc. 5.5. also the reverse path isn't ok.

    User can send mail only to user with mailbox in the same server.

    When i try to send mail i see the mail entry in the X.400 queue of the exch. 2000 srv.
    if i verify the message tracking center i see the follwing:

    smtp: store driver: msg submitted from store
    smtp: msg submittede to advanced queuing
    smtp: started message submission to advanced queue
    smtp: msg submittede to categorizer
    smtp: msg delivered locally to [email protected]
    smtp: store driver submitted message to MTA

    the next step will repete infinitly evry 5 minutes:
    message rerouted to x.y.z (originally to (Unknow))
    where x.y.z is the fqdn of the exch 5.5

    In the event viewer of the ech 5.5 ther's nothing while in the one of the exc2000 i found this warning: (i've putted to maximum the logging level of MTA):
    msexchangemta id 9302 four times
    msexchangemta id 1294
    msexchangemta id 289

    I've attacched a zip file with the Application event viewer of the exch 2000 server

    I think there is a problem with X.400 connection.
    Can someone help me , please
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