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  • Public to private IP Address change...


    I have just inherited a network with a public IP range on the LAN 12 months. ago. The public IP's aren't visible on the internet but even so I am about to change the IP address scheme to a private one.

    I have searched google and cannot find an answer with regards to changing the IP address of my Exchange Server 2003 STD. Is it as simple as making the appropriate changes in the network properties and pointing all of my incoming mail from my MailMarshal box to the new private IP addres that I will assign? Is there anything else I should know regarding exchange before I begin making changes?

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    Re: Public to private IP Address change...

    My standard procedure for changing the IP address range is to shutdown all the Exchange services, then change the IP address and DNS server addresses and shutdown the server totally.

    Then change the domain controllers and reboot them.
    Once the DCs are up and settled, and everything else has been changed (gateways, DHCP range etc), start bringing up the Exchange server and all the clients.

    You need to reboot the servers after making the change and if the DC is not available (because either the IP address on the DC or the Exchange server has been changed) Exchange will get upset.

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      Re: Public to private IP Address change...

      Hey Sembee

      Thanx for clearing that up.