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    Just out of interest really, do users that connect directly to a back-end exchange server using outlook, have to know which server their mailbox resides on. If this is the case, it doesn't seem very user-friendly. If users were to use RPC/HTTPS inside the organisation as well as outside, would require a much more complicated configuration, and the user is required to login every time outlook opens, as the credentials are not automatically used (unless registry keys are altered).

    Am i right in assuming all of these things?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Exchange BE Servers

    You can point Outlook at any Exchange server in the Exchange org and it will be redirected to the correct server automatically. The user does not need to know the server that houses their mailbox.

    If you have multiple Exchange servers then you should have a frontend/backend scenario. In that case you could start with pointing everyone at the frontend and leave Exchange, the domain and Outlook to sort it out.

    RPC over HTTPS I treat as I do OWA. Single point of entry.
    If your client machine is a member of the domain, then RPC over HTTPS can be deployed transparently. The only time that credentials will be required is if the authentication settings have been changed so that pass-through authentication isn't used, or the machine isn't a member of the domain.

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      Re: Exchange BE Servers

      Another way to do the whole "mail server" thing is to have a DNS alias (a CNAME record) called "mailserver" which points to any Exchange Server in the enterprise; so the user types in "mailserver", types his or her user name, clicks "check name" and it changes it to BRBPEXCH01.DOMAIN.NET (assuming that's the server where his mailbox is).

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        Re: Exchange BE Servers

        Hey that's pretty clever, and it looks nice for the user. I have a server called "mail", and I use IIS on there to redirect users to OWA ( So they just type "mail" in the address bar, and, like magic, OWA appears!

        Thanks for the help,