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How allowing certain domains through IMF

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  • How allowing certain domains through IMF

    I find IMF does a great job at level 5 and moving it up to 6 lets too many junk mail to the users Outlook Junk Folder.

    I don't want to lower it as the network users hate seeing all kinds of junk mail in their junk folders. We also have users that no matter how many times we tell them not to open junk mail they will.

    However for us network administrators once we enabled IMF we have to go through the junk mail and make sure certain emails are let through. We really only have 2 or 3 domains that IMF thinks are SPAM when really they are legit. We have TONS of junk mail, which makes approving emails from these certain domains that much harder to find in the sea of spam.

    The question I have is there anyway of adding certain IPs for mail servers or Domains on a safe list so that IMF will let them pass? Just a reminder I do not want to do this on the client side (Ie Outlook). It must be done on the server.

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    Re: How allowing certain domains through IMF

    Sorry - but no IMF or any other commponent in Exchange can configured as "White List" that can wanted emails/domains pass through.

    You need more efficient software (Third party).
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      Re: How allowing certain domains through IMF

      you can do it the other way around and use a blacklist, but if you guys go through the junk mail.....well i feel the pain.
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        Re: How allowing certain domains through IMF

        Have you tried using Connection Filtering along with IMF? It can be configured to check E-mail against SPAM databases. More flexiable in management of SPAM. Connection Filtering can remove SPAM before IMF checks it.


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          Re: How allowing certain domains through IMF

          IMF is very basic when it comes to spam filtering. You do not get anything like white-listing with the built in tool. There are various work arounds, but these are a kludge and I don't recommend them. If you want to white list then you will have to purchase an antispam application.

          As for using connection filtering and blacklists, I am not a fan. With blacklists in particular I don't like the idea of someone else deciding what email I can and cannot receive. If you use a third party tool to filter messages you can often use blacklists as part of the scoring process.

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