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Internal mail in Junkmail directory

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  • Internal mail in Junkmail directory

    we use Exchange 2003 sp.2 mailsystem. We have some problems with our database system Lotus Notes. When employees has finnished an new businesscontract they creat a new deal in Lotus Notes and when it's finnished it automatically sends an email to the others in the same stab.
    The problem is that theese mail always comes to the users junkmail-box even it sends from an internal system.

    Is there any way to prevent this at exchange level?? For example set the SMTP-adress as an reliable-adress??


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    Re: Internal mail in Junkmail directory

    There is no "White List" in Exchange so maybe it will be a little difficult.
    Are you using IMF on the Exchange? if so, try to disable it or change the SCL level.
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      Re: Internal mail in Junk mail directory

      While you cannot white list internal servers, you can work around the problem of IMF scanning the messages.

      IMF is enabled on a per virtual server basis. Therefore you just need to add a new SMTP virtual server in Exchange and don't enable IMF on it. However you cannot have two virtual servers both listening on the same IP address, so put an additional IP address on to the network card, then adjust the configuration of the Default SMTP virtual server so that it is listening on the server's default IP address and then create the new SMTP virtual server so that it is listening on the other IP address.

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