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Duplicate Contacts after a massive LDIFDE Import

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  • Duplicate Contacts after a massive LDIFDE Import

    Any ideas on this annoying little thing would be greatly appreciated... Anyway, We are forced to Import an extremely large Automated LDIFDE file to populate our GAL with the rest of our Organization. However, there are always about 200-300 duplicate entries that get imported for whatever reason. Is there a way I can quickly remove the dupes without having to dig through 300,000 contacts looking for 2 smtp addresses that are the same?

    On a good note, the System undeliverables Mailbox we set up does a terrific job of telling me who has a duplicate entry.

    I've tried the Mailbox merge, and the AD Cleanup tool that comes inherent with Exchange, but it just wants to compare contacts to mailboxes which is not my problem.

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    Re: Duplicate Contacts after a massive LDIFDE Import

    I'm not sure - but can you in example export all contacts with CSVDE, delete the relevant contacts by searching the CSV file and then import them back?
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