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  • Temp tables in Exchange

    We have e-mails stuck in several SMTP temp tables in Exchange 2003.

    Is there anything that can be done to release these e-mails, and get them sent, or do I need to delete them? Where I need to delete e-mails, is it better to delete an SMTP temp table or the messages within it?

    I'm using mfcmapi.exe to inspect the temp tables.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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    Re: Temp tables in Exchange

    I've managed to flush the Temp tables by restarting a number of services:

    REM Stop services

    net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service"
    net stop "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)"
    net stop "Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine"
    net stop "HTTP SSL"
    net stop "IIS Admin Service"

    REM Start services

    net start "IIS Admin Service"
    net start "HTTP SSL"
    net start "Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine"
    net start "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)"
    net start "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

    As mentioned previously, updating Microsoft's intelligent message filter has resulted in the SMTP Temp tables being cleared. The above services seem to be those that were restarted when the filter was updated (according to the Event Log).

    It may not be necessary to restart all of those services, but I'll have to wait to test that.