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  • multiple domains

    I had already added all my users before I went in and added other domains under Recipient policies so it didn't propogate to my user email lists. I'm not sure if it was supposed to or not. I added about 7 domains and I have 30 users, so it would take me forever to go into each individual user and add all the extra email addresses. Is there an easier way to do this?

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    Re: multiple domains

    Did you try right click on the policy: "Apply this policy now"?
    If yes, try to run "update now" on the RUS (Recipient Update Service).
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      Re: multiple domains

      That worked. Thanks! I did notice though, that if I added an extra email address or more to a user, that those email addresses did not get updated. Is this something that has to be done by hand? It'd be more manageable than what I was faced with before, but I was wondering if there was a way to automate that as well.

      For example, user: [email protected] also had address [email protected] added manually to his email list. When I did update now, it added emails for all the other domains to jjohnson but not support.


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        Re: multiple domains

        create an other policy to update certian users with a new naming policy.

        tha, or uncheck the box that says "automatically update this email address" in your AD eX properties on the "Exchange Advance" tab.

        just set the primary as the correct name and make sure it matches policy, the create a second and uncheck the update box.

        is that what youre going for?
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          Re: multiple domains

          Recipient Update Services (which is what updates the email addresses) will only update based on the account information.
          Unless the account is called "Support" or has the word support as either its first name or last name, you will not be able to update the account with that email address automatically. You will have to go and enter the addresses yourself.

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