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can i install exchange server 2003 without AC?

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  • can i install exchange server 2003 without AC?

    goodmorning people

    goodmorning daniel petri.

    congratulation for your site, is a good site to help users for problems.

    i have e question about exchange server 2003

    i have 2003 server with DNS service

    i want to install Exchange Server 2003 on that server

    i dont want to make this server as Domain Controller

    when i install exchange tell me you maybe be e domain controller to install exchange.

    any idea to install Exchange 2003 Server without AC

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    Re: can i install exchange server 2003 without AC?

    Something on the Exchange 2003 and Domain Controller issue...

    The first hit on
    install "exchange server 2003" domain controller
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      Re: can i install exchange server 2003 without AC?

      Hope I understand - "AC" - probably AD (active Directory?

      If so - Exchange must have AD in the same domain, it doesn't mean that the same machine should host Exchange & AD, but the Exchange server must connecxt AD.
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        Re: can i install exchange server 2003 without AC?

        you should never run a server without an AC or at least good venilation. if the tempurature gets too high, then the system is liable to shut down due to thermal extremes... assuming that your servers have a thermal shutdown protection feature.

        if you did mean AD, then dont. its asking for problems. unless your running SBS, eX should get its own server imo. and dont virtualize it either... ;(
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