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emails going to exchange prematurely

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  • emails going to exchange prematurely

    Currently I am in the middle of setting users up on our server. The users I have set up use exchange for inside email and pop for outside email by changing the accounts until I get everything set up. The users that aren't on the server are getting email messages in their mailbox on the exchange server. Obviously they have no way to access these other than owa which they don't know about yet. My question is how this could be happening. I have not set up an A record to forward the email to my server, so how are these seemingly random and few emails finding their way into these users' mailboxes on the exchange server?

    p.s. These emails are from outside the company.

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    Re: emails going to exchange prematurely

    are the users members of any QDG or security groups? do any of the current users send mail to a global "[email protected]" or something?

    if there is no MX record up, then there hould be no mail. do you trust your users that have set up the POP3 email accounts?

    why dont you logon to one of the accounts that isnt being used and check the header info... where does the mail originate?
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      Re: emails going to exchange prematurely

      I never said no mx record...I said there is no A record to flow the mail to my server. Hence, it should be staying on the external pop server. I set up all the pop mail accounts so it isn't an issue of trusting the employees to set them up. None of my users are in any kind of security group or anything. It's looking like I just better get my butt in gear and get the rest of the users connected to the server.


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        Re: emails going to exchange prematurely

        Can this server be seen from outside on port 25?
        If so, then you will get at least email delivery attempts.

        Have you looked to see what the messages are?
        Have you got message tracking turned on? That can help with looking at what the messages are without having to open the mailboxes themselves.
        Has anyone got any access to the Exchange server at all? No clients with Outlook configuration?

        With regards to your MX records, are you saying that you have MX records, perhaps with a higher value in the DNS that the internet could see?

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          Re: emails going to exchange prematurely

          The server can be seen from outside the network on port 25, but I have checked the emails from owa and they are actually work related emails sent from outside the company to people inside the company. Most of those emails hit our pop server at jumpline and then stay there until the pop accounts on our client pc's pick them up. Somehow some of these emails are finding their way to my server instead of waiting at jumpline to be picked up through pop mail. Can you look at headers in owa? I looked around but couldn't find an option to take a look at the header. The only MX records I have are records that forward the email on to an anti-spam server at mcafee.