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RPC over HTTP with Win2k DC

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  • RPC over HTTP with Win2k DC

    I read through the guides and did the searches. At this point I am burnt out trying to figure this out. I might have missed something really simple here, but would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Right now I am working to get this running internally first before trying from outside world.

    I guess the first question I should ask right now is can I run RPC over HTTP with my DC, GC being Win2k server and my EX box being Win2k3 member server?

    I followed (to the T) the setup of RPC using the guide on this page.

    My CA is running fine (I have a fully working OWA setup with a 3rd party SSL).

    When connecting using OL2K3 with RPC profile internally, I get the Directory connection as TCP/IP and Mail as HTTPS. Cannot get them all to be HTTPS which I assume means something isn't working right.

    The RPC proxy is installed on the Win2k3 server. Registry edits have been done using the program listed on this page.

    I have added the NSPI value to my DC, GC registry (and rebooted).

    As mentioned above my network is a Win2k domain with only the EX box being the Win2k3 member server.

    Name: server1
    Role: DC, GC
    OS: Win2k

    Name: server2
    Role: DC
    OS: Win2k

    Name: server3
    Role: EX
    OS: Wn2k3 (member server)

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: RPC over HTTP with Win2k DC

    This feature REQUIRES a Windows 2003 DC/GC. Therefore as you don't have any of those it will not work.

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      Re: RPC over HTTP with Win2k DC

      Thank you for clearing that up for me. Time to upgrade the DC's.