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ironport and exchange...

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  • ironport and exchange...

    anyone here used this appliance? i am trying to incorporate a c100 into my current domain, and was trying to figure out how the MX records are gonna look... amongst other things. ive just never worked with a hardware antispam product before.

    sorry if this is the wrong forum... i didnt know where to stick it.
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    Re: ironport and exchange...

    Ironport have nice products.
    The MX should point to the public IP of the Ironport in thr DMZ and the Ironport should relay email to the Exchange server.
    A second MX record should be setup with your ISP mail servers (you should request from the ISP to backup you, when the mail relay is offline).
    Ironport provide a nice help guides in the support section.
    Please review this help files for further information.
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    Yuval Sinay

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