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migrating exchange 2003 server

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  • migrating exchange 2003 server

    We have an old server running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. It originally ran Exchange 2000, but then we upgraded to Exchange 2003 several months ago, and then installed SP1. Our MDBDATA folder is about 24.6 Gigs.

    This old server is going out of warrenty and we have purchased a replacement server. The new server is running Win 2003 EE R2. Our old server is named Exchange.

    What is the best way of migrating Exchange from the old server to the new one? Once done the old server will be decomissioned. Ideally, we want the new server to also be named Exchange.

    Are their any web pages or books that discuss this type of transition?


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    Re: migrating exchange 2003 server

    Since you want both the old and new server to be called Exchange, you will have to introduce a temporary server into the process, since clearly you cannot have 2 servers called Exchange on the same network at the same time.
    If this is a single forest/domain, you could use a technique known as swing migration which can be found at Here you get a procedure, papers, scripts AND SUPPORT but for a fee.

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      Re: migrating exchange 2003 server

      This is a single forest and single AD tree. We have an extra server available that we could temporarily use for the migration process.

      Thanks for the web link.



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        Re: migrating exchange 2003 server

        The swing migration process is outlined in lots of places. You don't have to pay a fee to get the documentation. SBS is a special beast which is why care has to be taken, but full product it is pretty simple, particularly as you are already on to Exchange 2003.

        I have the process outlined on my web site at
        I think Daniel has it on his site here, and I know it is also on

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