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Outlook Keeps freezing every 15 minutes

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  • Outlook Keeps freezing every 15 minutes

    We have an exchange 2003 cluster(active/passive) in our datacenter.Our Citrix servers are also located in our datacenter. The exchange server specs are as follows. HP DL 380 2.6GH Xeon Dual core 4 Gb Ram. The exchange clusters are connected to the SAN.We have about 750 Mail boxes on the exchange server. Recently we started having problems accessing outlook on the citrix its keeps freezing.I did perfmon on our exchange server and % Disk time on the disk which has the exchange database is about 203 on avg and %Disk Read time about 165 on average. All the other values are below the threshold values. I am worried if the above counters is the problem. We have about 7 mailstores all on the same array.Does any one know why the outlook is getting frozen.

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    Re: Outlook Keeps freezing every 15 minutes

    You will need to make a few changes in the system to provide a full answer:

    1. Upgrade the DL servers to Smart Start 7.6 drivers.
    2. Upgeade the DL servers to the latest firmware/bios version.
    3. Upgrade the HBA drivers.
    4. Upgrade the HBA firewall + switches.
    5. Verity correct antivirus settings.
    6. Try to change the network switch (Verity that you use only HP/Nortel/Cisco
    manage switches).
    7. Verity that you use Win 2003 SP1.
    8. Review:

    9. Install Exchange 2003 SP2 and latest hotfix.
    10. Upgrade Exchange antivirus to the latest version/service pack etc
    (If you use Symantec for Exchange replace it with another product..)
    11. Check Storage Raid settings + FC Switch settings.
    12. Verity that no unknown process exiting on the machine.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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