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Internal Mail queue resulting from SMTP port 6000?

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  • Internal Mail queue resulting from SMTP port 6000?

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the group and appreciate the assistance you have all given to me in the past.

    My problem is similar to many posted here- I've searched all posts but cannot find anything related to my unique problem.

    I have a W2k Exch on W2k server which several years ago was was on the receiving end of a nasty security violation. My consultant at the time blocked port 25 and we have since been using port 6000 for smtp. (?? Is this a normal practice??) Also functionality on the ESM is limited as a result of the violation, however THE SYSTEM WORKS!

    I recently installed a new server with W2k3/Exchange 2k3 into the same organisation with the intention of migrating to 2003. Mail flows perfectly in all directions from each server except from 2003 to 2000. Is this because of the port 6000 used by Exch2000 or am I missing something? The message is "routed and queued for remote delivery" and the queue information reads "The remote server did not respond to a connection attempt."

    I eventually would like to remove the 2000 server from the organisation entirely.

    How do I configure the two servers to talk to eachother?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Internal Mail queue resulting from SMTP port 6000?

    If you are working inside the company only without sending emails outside the company, I don't think that changing the port (as long as you are working with one Exchange server) will be a problem.
    If you are working with the outside world with the 6000 Port for SMTP, the only reason that I can think about that this kind of solution is working - is that you are using some kind of mailrelay, or any other system that pass from and to the Exchange server the emails in port 6000, but outside the company, the mailrelay send and receive emails via port 25.

    SMTP protocol was created to work TCP/25 only - by definition and there is no possible situation that one server will work with SMTP port 6000 and other server will work with port 25 and they will be able to exchange emails.

    If you are adding additional Exchange server and this server should replace the old one - you can (or must in this case) use port 6000.

    1. Is your Exchange server is using to send emails outside the company? If yes, what system are you using as mailrelay (can be even FW that has a rule - for SMTP port 25 - move to the Exchange server port 6000).
    2. If you are using the Exchange only internally - you don't have any problem.
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      Re: Internal Mail queue resulting from SMTP port 6000?

      Sorry I omitted that bit. Yes - mail is being relayed from another server running Trend Interscan Messaging Security Suite to the w2k Exhange server through port 6000.

      Sending and receiving mail outside the organisation works. Only mail from Exch 2k3 server to the exch 2k sits in a queue.