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  • Contacts from old domain


    We have split some users off into a new company.
    They have a new Windows domain and Exchange server which is not connected to the old one.
    We have exmerged their emails to the new server.

    All is OK except if they click on reply to an old email from an internal contact in the new company - then they get an undeliverable as it tries to deliver to:-

    They can get the correct address from the Global Address List but forget to do this. Is there a way to add the old domain information to the contact in the new domain so the email is correctly delivered?

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    Re: Contacts from old domain

    Thanks for viewing my post,

    No replies so I guess that it either can't be done, or I didn't explain the problem properly, or it's very simple



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      Re: Contacts from old domain

      I will go to the first option: it either can't be done

      Maybe could be solved, but very hard to implement it, if you will wait some time - probably someone will help you over here.


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        Re: Contacts from old domain

        What you should have done is left the old accounts in place, then put mail enabled contacts on to those accounts which would forward the email to the other domain.

        It sounds like you no longer have the original accounts in place.

        While you could recreate the accounts, this will not fix the problem as Exchange will treat them as new accounts. They will not be associated with the old emails that the users sent from their original accounts.

        You only have one option, which is the users must remove the addresses from the to: line after pressing replay and enter the SMTP address.
        You could make things easier by creating mail enabled contacts so that they appear in the GAL, rather than the users having to enter the SMTP address manually.

        The auto complete addresses will not work either - for the same reason.

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