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OWA/OMA FE settings...

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  • OWA/OMA FE settings...

    this is really frustrating me. i had a front end server that was hosting a public website and OWA/OMA. the other day, i was looking at some settings for ESM and then into IIS...
    First off, i didnt change anything intentionally. i went to view properties on an IIS virtual directory, and the MMC hung... then 15 seconds later it pops back up and i notice all the websites have stopped. i restarted the sites, but the OWA was not functioning.

    so now comes the hard part... i ran a BPA to check what changed, and it says a configuration change was made on 10.17.06 at 20:53:35 but fails to tell me what was changed...

    so i asked a fellow exchange colleuge what he would do and he said "reset the folders and have them rebult (KB 883380) when the you sestart the eX services... so i did, but it didnt "fix" the problem...

    What i want to know, is what is the default mappings in IIS for a FE to work? its like my FE is not being a FE on the web side. it still directs traffic to the BE, but no more OWA/OMA...

    what would you guys do? i should have started here in the frst place...

    currently, the OWA page is viewable via http://<server>/<exchange> internally and on the front end should i chose to browse there, so the page is being made, it just isnt being published on the front end... its like the IIS portion of the exchange box wasnt rebuilt like a front end should have been. the default website on the FE doesnt "get" the BE web content...

    thanks in advance for any replies!
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    Re: OWA/OMA FE settings...

    Try this one:
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      Re: OWA/OMA FE settings...

      yeah, thats what i did in the first place... and now its behaving like the backend does...

      its not OWA/OMA thats hosed per say, its the publishing of the OWA to the FE server... i can browse OWA via the ESM on the BE admin master, but i cannot on the fron end.

      the IIS exchange path on the front end server is supposed to point at the mail store on the back... but instead the FE says the location is \\.\BackOfficeStorage\exchange... which is a local address. there is no http://<FE_Server>/exchange, its http://<BE_Server>/exchange...

      its like i need to re-check the box, This is a front-end server...

      what do the paths look like on the front end server? is the exchange path a UNC or what?

      worst case, i dont think the reinstallation of a FE will be that bad... if i were to bring a second front end online, it wouldnt interupt the flow of email would it? that may be the best solution.. but i wanna check you guys first.
      its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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        Re: OWA/OMA FE settings...

        If this is a frontend server then I would simply remove Exchange using add/remove programs and then reinstall the application followed by the service pack. Enable the option that the machine is a frontend and then make any other changes that were made to the box originally.

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