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sync outlook with exchange over WAN

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  • sync outlook with exchange over WAN

    Hi All,

    I have just finished setting up my exchange server (1st ever, whew!) and I'm trying to figure out how to get my outlook to sync with it when I'm not on the LAN. Within the LAN, it works fine, I can connect, and any changes I make are pretty immediate (be it in mail, contacts, or calendar).

    However, I'd like to have this functionality when I'm NOT on the lan. I understand that the best two ways to do this are either RPC over HTTP (which involves installing and setting up a proxy server on the server), or VPN.

    Is there a particularly preferred method -- either one or the other? Also, instead of dealing with those, is there any way that I can just open up specific ports in the firewall to allow outlook to connect directly? I am aware that this is relatively insecure, but I'm not dealing with anything particularly sensitive. I even tried opening EVERY port, but it still didn't work. Is there a reason for this?

    Thanks much


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    Re: sync outlook with exchange over WAN

    From some more searching since I wrote that last night, it seems like the following is the case:

    There's no good way to do RPC over the internet "straight up" because it requires port 135, which most ISPs block.

    the ONLY options are VPN or RPC over http(s).

    I'm probably an idiot for not having figured that out sooner.

    so let me modify my question.... is there a preferred and/or easier/more efficient method? is RPC over HTTP required for OMA (another project for the future)?

    Thanks, and sorry for the double post!


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      Re: sync outlook with exchange over WAN

      We use VPN software and it works perfectly.


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        Re: sync outlook with exchange over WAN

        anyone else want to weigh in on this? I just got push set up with my cell (though it uses OWA instead of OMA for some reason...), and I'd love to get laptops working with this as well.

        One of the downsides I've heard about VPN is that users stay connected all the time in order to simplify sending email with outlook -- which then uses lots of bandwidth. Has anyone run into this problem?



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          Re: sync outlook with exchange over WAN

          ANYONE?? im having this EXACT issue.

          did you get it resolved??