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Authentication popup when opening Excel file in OWA2003

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  • Authentication popup when opening Excel file in OWA2003

    Please help with following problem which i have been trying to solve for a week.


    We have a Windows 2003 env. with 6 sites, on each site there`s a GC-DC.
    We have 1 Exchange mailbox server 2003 with SP2
    We have one OWA 2003 SP2 Server which is in the perimeter network.


    Clients connecting to OWA through internet are presented with a logon popup when opening a excell file directly.
    If the client presses cancel 2 times, the xls opens in read only mode.
    If the client saves the document before opening, there is no popup.

    If on a domain computer, i open OWA from inside the network using \\servername\exchange
    the same problem occurs!

    I want this authentication request to disapear.
    I looked at enabling Form Based Authentication which might help.
    I need a root CA to set that up and we don`t have that.
    I am not familiar with this so i would rather solve this in another way.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated!