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  • Contacts data store location


    My first question on this forum.

    A small customer of mine has SBS2003. He is using Exchange with Outlook 2003. When it was first set up, he was using IMAP accounts. He decided that he no longer wanted emails to be stored locally on the workstations, so I changed it over to use the "Microsoft Exchange Server" mode, non-cached.

    On each Outlook client, I have set up the Address Book to point to Contacts by default. However, when they right-click a name and choose "add to outlook contacts" the new contact record appears in the "Contacts" in the Navigation Panel but not in the "Contacts" in the Address Book.

    However, I have set up a test rig back at my place and when I do the same, it DOES appear in both

    Could the two "Contacts" be stored in different locations (as it appears)?

    Any ideas?

    PS: They also have the full MS-Office suite on each PC.

    Thanks in advance...

    OH, and I have installed SP2 for Exchange!
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    Re: Contacts data store location

    Maybe I am answering my own question here, but would appreciate some comments on my logic please...

    As the Outlook clients were previously IMAP (and before the introduction of Exchange they connected directly to the internet), is it possible that the Address Book in Outlook is still pointing to an old store on the local hard drive (pst file)? But when I set up my test rig, there was no "legacy" file?


    By the way, we have left the old PST files on the drives for a short while as "insurance"


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      Re: Contacts data store location

      Think I may have found my own answer. A bit like the "cardboard programmer syndrome"

      I did some further testing here at my home office, retracing exactly the sequence as at the customer site, with my last post in mind. I recreated the problem as described in post no 1.

      Then, I deleted all of the outlook data files on the local disk. Then I repointed the address book, and by jove, it works!!