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Help with RPC over HTTP

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  • Help with RPC over HTTP

    I can't get Outlook to connect and everything is configured correctly.
    Error is that Outlook is unavailable and/or username password is wrong.

    1. Created a local certificate. Made a local 'test' web site SSL and certificate works.
    2. Tried to connect to and received HTTP Error
    401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource. Internet Information Services (IIS) 3. Authentication is basic 4. Https:// gives blank screen with yellow padlock in browser

    The only irregularity I notice is when I am asked for my credentials, my username and password is not accepted connecting to the server, but administrator and password are. My account on my server has administrator rights.

    I am entering my credentials as mydomain.local\username

    Any suggestions? I can connect with OWA from the same location. I can remotely connect to my test web site with SSL and my server certificate is accepted. Certificate in definatley installed in rpc web site.
    Authentication is basic.

    This is what RPCdump returns:

    C:\>rpcdump /p ncacn_http
    Querying Endpoint Mapper Database...
    RpcMgmtEpEltInqNextAccess is denied. ).

    rpcdump failed after 1 seconds

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    Re: Help with RPC over HTTP

    Might sound a bit frivilous, but could you post an image of the screen you are getting. I have something in the back of my head (apart from a very small brain - see, I got in first ) and would like to see the screen before I make a total plonk of myself.

    Anything in the Event Logs?
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      Re: Help with RPC over HTTP

      I went home where my Exchange server is and had to use dial-up. Wouldn't you know it, it worked. Here is what I think I did wrong:

      When authenticating I used ct.local\robwalker when in fact I should have used the netbios name contech\robwalker

      Does that make sense to you?

      Network Engineers do IT under the desk