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Upgrading from SBS to Exchange Server 2003 Std on Windows Server 2003 Std

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  • Upgrading from SBS to Exchange Server 2003 Std on Windows Server 2003 Std


    Our company has outgrown SBS2003 and we need to get our exchange server on Windows Server 2003 Std. running Exchange Server 2003 Std. I had a few questions about doing this.

    We are going to place the new software on a new server, so the old one will be taken off of the network and probably made into a secondary domain controller (bdc). We have the SBS acting as a domain controller now and there is also another domain controller on the network (kind of acting as a backup running Windows Server 2003 standard).

    I don't want this new server to be a domain controller, I just want it to run Exchange. I also would like this new server to keep the same name and IP of the existing server so we don't have to do any router configuration for OWA to work.

    What is the best way to go about this? Is it even possible? Basically I just want to transfer all of the mailboxes to the new server, bring the old server offline (the one running sbs2003), have the server currently running windows server 2003 std that is acting as a secondary domain controller to take over the DC role soley for now, and have the new server just run all exchange functions.

    Sorry, this is sounding horribly untechnical. Please let me know if there is any way I can be more clear and I apprciate any responses, even if you tell me this is impossible!