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  • GFI MailEssentials?

    I'm trying to install/purchase a new antispam solution and Mailessentials has been mentioned a lot especially as I use languard very often, does anyone out there use it and are they able to provide some helpful feed back on it? Any other good Spam Filter suggested will be put on the list.

    We run Exchange 2000 SP3 Std on top of a Windows 2000 Server SP4, We're spread across three sites. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: GFI MailEssentials?

    It's been a while since i used it but when we did we found it was excellent.


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      Re: GFI MailEssentials?

      The best advice I can give you is don't PURCHASE anything just yet.
      Install the evaluation editions and then set them to report only - or at least quarantine.

      I have found that different sites have different spam problems and some products block too much legitimate email, or allow through too much spam.

      The only method I have found that doesn't seem to be affected by the different types of spam is greylisting. I have seen that cut the spam coming in by significant amounts.

      GFI ME can do greylisting, but is licensed per mailbox.
      You might want to look at ORF from Vamsoft. That is licensed per server and is pretty cheap at US$200. It also has the facility to do AD lookups (aka recipient filtering) which is built in to Exchange 2003, but not available on Exchange 2000. That can greatly reduce the amount of spam that is received, simply by not allowing spam addressed to invalid users to be delivered.

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        Re: GFI MailEssentials?

        I found GFI ME to be pretty nice and I've used them on a few of my installations.

        It's worth noting that if you ever consider using the AD lookups feature you also need to implement Tar Pitting, otherwise you'll be vulnerable to diretory harvesting.

        Daniel Petri
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          Re: GFI MailEssentials?

          Thanks Guys, I think GFI ME will be the way to go as soon as our current one runs out in December, it's also nice that one can test it on a separate machine. I'm currently going through the documentation for installing in on a separate PC before I do the actual install. Thanks again..