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    Hi guys,

    need some consultant.

    I have windows 2000 domain, and exchange 2000, our exchange server is registered so that we can send and recieve e-mails out side. everything is working fine. our company need to change the domain name to, I read some articles arround that we can rename the domain name if the domain was in mixed mode, but Unfortunately we are in native mode. I know that it is easier to do in windows 2003, but there is no budget to buy the license right now.

    now the new domain is registered for us and can be used (both as www and mx record), can we use it in combination with the same old structure, I mean the old domain active ( but once we recieve an e-mail that is for [email protected] it will be recieved by the user john, In the same manner I need my users when they send mail, they must looks [email protected] (the new domain). I read something related to SMTP policy.

    any suggestion.


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    Re: new domain name

    As far as i can rememebr you CANNOT rename a Windows 2000 domain regardless of domain level.

    You can rename a Windows 2003 domain.

    Ah well done some digging and found this

    You don't need to raname your domain for what you are wanting. What you want to do is to change your Recipient Policies to include the required domain name, this ensures that each user can get the emails. You can even set the new domain to the primary smtp address.

    Have a read at this

    Is your exchange server setup to receive these emails for

    If not then read this


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      Re: new domain name

      You don't have to rename your WINDOWS domain if you want to use an different SMTP domain for email.
      However, you will have to leave the original domain in the recipient policies for Exchange to work correctly.

      Therefore I would simply add the external email domain to recipient policies and make it the default.
      If management want the Windows domain renamed then they will have to put up with the disruption of a new Windows domain.

      While Windows 2003 did bring in the ability to rename the domain, the general consensus is that you don't rename a Windows domain when Exchange is installed.

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        Re: new domain name

        guys , very useful posts you had post it.

        wullieb1, I will this one:

        it is very useful in my scenario.

        Sembee, thanks for the nice and useful information you mentioned it.

        I apreciate your collaboration