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Exchange 2000\2003 Relay with Linux

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  • Exchange 2000\2003 Relay with Linux

    on our company we have sbs 2000 (we r gonna upgrade soon to 2003).
    In addition, i have installed qmailtoaster on centos4.3 (mail server on linux).
    what we r trying to do is that the linux will recieve all the packets on port 25 (port forwarding on the sbox, not another ip).
    he has a virtual domain named X.X containing the mailboxes of our outsource employees (about 250 mailboxes).
    on the sbs we will have about 50 mailboxes of the "inhouse" employees.

    i wanna know
    1 is it possible to define the linux server as an outgoing mail server for the exchange (sbs)? the linux can support it form the other end. but can the the exchange?

    2. is it possible for exchange to use a linux mail server as a server on the same organization? that the linux we'll see if it has a mailbox named moshe- it true than insert to mailbox. if false- forward it to exchange.

    it's not a pure microsoft question- i know.
    bu i just wanna know if microsoft exchange supports it?

    by the way, this is my first post. so... Hi everyone

    Or Czerninski
    [email protected]
    Best regards,