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OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

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  • OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

    I've just had this problem and I hope this helps others.

    We have a legacy Exchange 2000 clustered back end setup with a number of Exchange 2003 front mail servers.

    After applying a couple of security patches each front mail server was rebooted. After which OWA stopped working and presented users with the error “http 500 internal server error”

    After a "lot" of searching I found this In brief the solution is changing the AD representation of the back end cluster name from a Netbios name to a fully qualified name for the key ncacn_ip_tcp: and the addition of a registory key to the back mails.

    After the changes are made the back end needs to be rebooted then the front mail rebooted.

    This is only an issue with a 2000 cluster back end with 2003 front mails.

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    Re: OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

    Thanks for that one Mike, it is greatly appreciated.
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