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Deleting invalid Offline Address Books

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  • Deleting invalid Offline Address Books

    I have inherited a network that has a few issues as a result of the previous IT support people. I am trying to clear up GAL problems.

    In ESM I only have one Default Global Address List. I deleted one or two test lists that were created in another time by someone and generating errors replicating.

    If I right-click on Public Folders in ESM, select View System Folders, then select Offline Address Book, there are two invalid address lists there that I want to delete.

    If I right-click and select Delete, I am prompted for the Administrator password. If I enter it and press OK, I am prompted for the password again. Evenually, I get an error "The operation failed" ID no: 80004005 Exchnage System Manager.

    Any idea what is happening? Do I have to dismount first?

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