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9095, 9096 and 9661 Events Exchange Server 2003

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  • 9095, 9096 and 9661 Events Exchange Server 2003


    We recently rebuilt our Exchange 2003 Enterprise server on Windows 2003 Standard platform and restored the Information Store from backup tape due to an OS crash and started getting these 3 events in the Exchange Server's Application log. The events are constantly running (2-3 times a minute) and greatly affect Exchange's performance. When we reboot the server, the events stop running constantly (we do still see them randomly once every 12 hours or so) for a few hours or sometimes a day or two but then reappear with a vengeance.

    The events are: 9095, 9096 and 9661. The 9095 and 9096 events have to do with MAD monitoring being initialized. And the 9661 states: "The Unsolicited Commercial default filter level has been updated. The new value is 8." The 9661 event always precedes the 9095/9096 events and I suspect the constant MAD monitoring is what is slowing down our server.

    We have not yet installed SP2 for Exchange on this server. We are running it with SP1 and have not installed the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) v1 (or any other version for that matter).

    I do plan to install SP2 for Exchange 2003 very soon but am hoping to find the cause/fix for this first. Perhaps SP2 will fix this by installing the IMF v2?

    I did some research and what I find strange is that we haven't installed the IMF on our server, and (according to the MS Help and Support links) the 9661 event should only be generated when the IMF is installed. Any idea where this is coming from?

    Thanks for any insight on this.

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    Re: 9095, 9096 and 9661 Events Exchange Server 2003

    may i ask if you use veritas or somekinda backup program that schedules itself?

    i have seen that from my veritas trying to back up hosed servers...
    thats all i got.
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      Re: 9095, 9096 and 9661 Events Exchange Server 2003

      I do use Veritas Backup Exec v9.1 to backup the information store and mailboxes and that is working fine with no errors. The start time for the 3 events appears to be random and not associated with any other events or processes running. Thanks.