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Exchange 2003 default recipient "policy"

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  • Exchange 2003 default recipient "policy"

    Hi All,

    I do have a "small issue". I am in the process of removing a "getting old hardware" / Exchange server, and I have maybe skipped a step. This server, named AAA, was hosting a bunch of mailboxes. We have built the new server BBB and migrated all the users slowly without any problem (both servers are running SP2);

    AAA was master server, hosting Offline Address Book, SCHEDULE + FREE BUSY and other public folders, default SMTP server and so on... all roles and folders have been transferred (well I thought) to the new server BBB waiting some more 2 days to update everything.

    Now Exchange has been removed from AAA, the organization has been clearly updated.

    The issue is: by default, when you send an email to [email protected], should the recipient not exist, the email is sent to [email protected]... but since I have remove Exchange from AAA, it does not... and I cannot figure out why ?

    What have I skipped, any idea ?

    Any help would be more than welcome...

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    Re: Exchange 2003 default recipient "policy"

    How can i replicat from ADS TO ADS ?


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      Re: Exchange 2003 default recipient "policy"


      Do you refer to NDR? By default, if the recipient is not valid for the organization the sender get back a non-delivery report.
      You can define an internal recipient that will get a copy of these NDR.
      If it is your case you have to configure the virtual SMTP server accordingly, please see my attachment.
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        Re: Exchange 2003 default recipient "policy"

        Hi netxt,

        Yes I was dealing about the NDR... I could not figure out where this setting was stored... gosh... thank you so much, it is working now !!!

        Very much appreciated !