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  • Message Routing Problem?

    Hello all,

    I've recently upgrade one of my Exchange 2000 server in the orgnization to Exchange 2003, and since the upgrade I'm having a weird problem.

    Some topology details first:
    Parent domain - X, multipile exchange 2000 servers on Administrative Group named A (also routing group).
    Child domain - Y, one Exhcnage 2003 (was upgraded from exchange 2000) on Administrative Group B (also routing group).
    1 routing group connector between the two groups

    Since the Exchange 2003 upgrade, i'm having problems with mails coming from the parent domain to the child domain on the routing group connector:
    When I open such emails I see the sender as an external recipient (only smtp address) and not as internal user (from the Global Address List).

    Mails withing the exch 2003 are looking good, and can look at the gal from the outlook client (2003 - no cached mode). Outgoing mail to mailboxes in AG A are also ok.

    Any thoughts why I'm seeing the senders on emails coming from the other administrative group (Exchange 2000 servers) as external recipients and their information from the gal?

    Thanks in advance (:

    - Guy