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MVM Profile - Blood

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  • MVM Profile - Blood

    MVM awardees will be featured on the Wall of Fame. Here is the info submitted to us by our 21st MVM - Blood


    My name is Mark, I'm 46 and am the Network Administrator for a small charity based in Lincolnshire, England. I am responsible for their entire IT operations and manage 3 servers and about 40 client machines.

    I first used computers in the mid 80's when at college studying practical archaeology where I used Apple Macs and BBC computers. I was fascinated by the way they worked and how you could automate tasks on these machines and the bug bit . After qualifying as an archaeologist I spent many years working on and running excavations etc. When I started working for the charity in the early 90's I was carrying out 'post-excavation' work, analysing archaeological data and writing reports which allowed me to start using PCs again. In 2001 I assumed the role of Network Administrator and have been developing the company's network ever since.

    I tend to research as much as I can about a technology before I implement it. Also, if I have a problem, I like to do my best to understand why the problem occurred and how it can be prevented/fixed. Therefore, because I have no formal IT qualifications everything I know IT-wise I have learnt as I have gone along. I also read a fair amount of IT literature and am presently nearing the end of Kozierok's mammoth TCP/IP Guide which will be followed by an in-depth SMTP book. Having spent many hours over the years battling various errors, hardware failures, tweaking systems etc., I have built up a reasonable amount of knowledge and I am more than happy to share that knowledge to help others.

    To that end, I help out on IT forums - particularly Petri's forum and a security forum dedicated to AV/Firewall/behavioural analysis product support. If I can help someone solve a problem then that is great. I also offer free IT support to all the staff where I work. I don't like to see people struggle with something unnecessarily.

    So, what do I do when not being a geek? I mix music and create music videos (nothing fancy, just visualiser backgrounds/own footage). The results of those appear on Soundcloud and Youtube. I am presently working with a German musician to produce a tailored music video. I also have a passion for PC games, particularly first-person-shooters. Inevitably, this requires a knowledge of higher-end PC's because of the system requirements demanded by games software. I am also a keen cyclist and photographer and enjoy reading fantasy novels, graphic novels, technology and nature magazines. I have also been involved in beta testing security software, games, and other software, although at quite a low level. I am also a moderator on a couple of forums.

    I have an 11 year old son who seems to have inherited his father's passion for computer games. He's so good that he sometimes beats me in multi-player... although, hey!, hang-on a minute, that's not right!

    I would like to extend my thanks to the members and staff of You have helped me a lot over the years and in return I hope to continue helping forum members here in the future.

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