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MVM Profile - tehcamel

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  • MVM Profile - tehcamel

    MVM awardees will be featured on the Wall of Fame. Here is the info submitted to us by our 20th MVM - tehcamel

    In the grand tradition of those before me, I'm really not sure what to write.

    I'm Australian born and bred, but currently living in London, where I utterly love it.

    I'm almost 30, and I've been working in IT for about 8 years now. I've been in love with it for 22 years though. Ahh I remember those days like it was yesterday.....

    When I was 8, my dad bought home a computer.. it was an Amstrad computer, no hard drive, and a 5.25' floppy drive. Back in the days when microsoft software TOLD you to make a copy of it - all 4 brightly colored (red, blue, yellow, green) disks. It's been a love affair since then. I got into trouble alot at school with computers, and eventually self-taught myself Windows 2000 Pro to pass my first exam.

    I more or less blagged my way into a service desk job with the Australian Government, and spent 5 years working with them, working up through the service desk and into an operations team, providing 24x7 support for what is one of the largest distributed Dotnet applications int he southern hemisphere. It was a great environment to learn in - massively redundant, clustered technology, tiered web applications, separate datacentres, and all the security that go with it.

    I moved on from there to a small consultancy firm in Melbourne, where I started as an engineer, all of a sudden all by myself, looking after all the internal infrastructre (about 9 servers) as well as managed support for clients, and developing and implementing solutions. You'd think a smaller environment would have been less challenging, but quite the opposite. I left that role to go travelling, which is how I wound up in London where I'm currently working as a (newly appointed!) team leader on an outsourced IT HelpDesk, supporting over 100 small-medium sized clients through out the UK.

    i'm the sort of person who is curious, and likes to know how things work, so I tend to sit in front of things and "play" until I know what's going on and how it works - i'm prepared to give almost anything a go, but I find myself out of my depth when I start playing with 'serious' network stuff. I utterly love what I do, and I count myself as being extremely lucky to be getting paid to play with tech all day long. I'm here on Petri because I found every time I wanted to learn how to do something, I invariably ended up here. So, I felt it was time to contribute back. And so that's why I'm honoured to be an MVM - I really feel like I've taken more from this community than I've given.

    As for the future? Ah well, I have some plans, but I'm playin it close to my chest.
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    Daniel Petri
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