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MVM Profile - Nonapeptide

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  • MVM Profile - Nonapeptide

    MVM awardees will be featured on the Wall of Fame. Here is the info submitted to us by our 16th MVM - Nonapeptide:

    My name is Wesley, I'm 26 and I currently live in Ohio USA. I grew up in a very "computerized" household (Amigas, and Apples and IBMs, oh my!) but didn't consider "working in computers" as a profession until I was in my early twenties. For over 4 years I've been scrambling through books, training courses and hands-on experience to make up for what I see as lost time.

    I have worked exclusively with non-profit organizations ( American 501(c)(3)s ). The major products that I work with include (roughly in order of experience):

    1. Windows Server 2003 (and a smattering of 2008 in test environments.)
    2. Desktop operating systems. Mostly XP, Vista and OS X 10.4. I've had to help support about 30 to 40 Macs in an Active Directory environment. Incidentally, if anyone ever figures out why Apple made Leopard 10.5 even less reliable to join to a domain than its predecessors, email me. (10.4 wasn't too bad actually...)
    3. General networking with switches, wireless, VLANs, etc. Not much frobbing with routers, smart jacks or the grittier bits of networking.
    4. Microsoft Office support
    5. SQL Server 2005

    I've had brief encounters with phone systems, a few programming languages, various flavors of Linux, a planetarium system and one unfortunate scorpion (may he rest in pieces).

    My professional certifications include: MCDST, MCSA 2003, some MCTSs and one MCITP (Enterprise Support Technician). Iím one exam away from my MCSE 2003 and MCITP:SA. Hopefully the EA and possibly EMA are not too far into the future. I hope to branch out from Microsoft into the world of Cisco and Linux sometime.

    Hobbies include chess, origami, golf and of course Vatching Das Blinken Lichten (sans der gefinger poken lest there be spitzen schparken).

    In case anyone is interested, my nickname was simply a random selection of a word that seemed unlikely to be chosen by someone else. Unique nicknames are hard to come by these days. You might see that nick on other IT forums. It's probably me.

    I feel rather sheepish about this award. I've only been in IT as a profession for a relatively short time and don't at all feel like I belong with some of the walking brains that inhabit the Petri forums. Most people here have forgotten more than I know.

    Thank you all who were involved with my election and to the other denizens of the Petri forums, thank you for putting up with me and keeping the flames at bay.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services