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MVM Profile - James Haynes

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  • MVM Profile - James Haynes

    MVM awardees will be featured on the Wall of Fame. Here is the info submitted to us by our 13th MVM - James Haynes:

    Im 29 years old, but for all intents and purposes 30... as my birthday is in about 2 weeks. i am single and live in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. I am currently employed by the Duval County Clerk of Circuit Courts as the System Administrator. Actually, co-sys admin. i have a partner that helps out with the mess here. we both share the duties of creating accounts, but he is not exchange aware.
    We dont have a massive user base. much of our work deals with providing the public access to the Clerk's office in a digital sense. i guess my main jobs are Exchange for the Clerk's, a Linux app for the child support endangerment service for FACC Tallahassee, and Duval Clerk DR coordinator. if a hurricane comes, i have to migrate the facility to the DR... yada, yada.

    i am currently mastering the finer points of VMware and ESX. our courthouse spent about 1.2 million (hell of a PO... i was scarred to sign it. ha!) on 2 blade chassis and the licenses for 28 DRS/HA/Vmotion... its great fun. just getting into the early stages of scripting the vmotion and still migrating physical servers to virtual...

    i manage a total of 64 servers (mix of P and V) in the courthouse or our 4 satellite locations and 650 (or so, the number changes daily) users. that 64 doesnt include non-production machines for testing and labs, which i encourage here at the courthouse, which add another 15 or 17 servers.
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