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Invalid HELO on mails from the forums..

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  • Invalid HELO on mails from the forums..

    Hi There,

    I haven't been getting notifications from the forum, today I've been digging about in the spam folder on the mailserver. I noticed that the mailserver that is delivering the emails is issuing "HELO localhost" instead of a valid host name.

    That seems to be what pushed my spam filters over the edge so it might be worth a quick bit of tweaking to have the server issue a HELO that matches the forward and reverse DNS of the IP.

    Relevant log snippet:

    Received: from localhost ([] helo=localhost) with IPv4:25 by

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    Re: Invalid HELO on mails from the forums..

    HELO can be anything..

    I've done command line telnets with "helo andy"

    it shouldn't really matter.... I've seen heaps of tracking logs that have the same too..

    it';s because the forum software uses a php script or similar, so it's not a full mail client, or mail server..
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      Re: Invalid HELO on mails from the forums..

      Yup, I'm aware you can issue a helo as anything however it has always been a pretty good spam check to see whether a send is issuing a valid helo or not. I can't imagine I'm the only one running a server doing that check.

      I just thought I'd mention it because it will make mails from the server look less spammy. From the headers it looks like the forum software hands the mail off to a second server. That it the one using localhost as a HELO instead of its DNS which is