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    A few hours ago I tried to reply in a recent thread, only to see my entire post greyed out and a message saying "unapproved post". When I reloaded the thread, my post was no longer visible to me. It does not appear in my posting history at all.

    Is this an error, or are certain posts, threads, or forums subject to moderator approval? My post did contain a few hyperlinks, which I guess could have triggered a filter.
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    Logged on especially to look at you post Approval issue. As you surmise it may very well be because it contains hyperlinks and has been done to combat spamming. I don't however see why this should apply to long time members like yourself who can be trusted posting links. Anyway, I did Approve your post so I hope that helps. Sorry you got left in the lurch for 5 days.
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      5 days? I'd noticed that activity was low, as has been mentioned elsewhere, but 5 days??
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