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Petri not working!

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  • Petri not working!

    Hey guys i have a problem,

    i recently signed up for and have used it for aaaages. I have recently set up a 2003 ent server (trial) so i can learn from teh MCSE self-paced books.
    Anyhow, long story short. I can no longer access from my computers! (server or workstation) it just wont show up. When i ping it it resolves [] but i cant actually get a ping response from it lol

    I beleive i have tracked down the problem to my dns/dhcp cause my tracerts only go to my server ip ( and timeout from there.
    I can do most of the other functions from teh drop of a hat but my tcp/ip learning curve is still rising..
    If anyone could offer a solution as to how to remedy this problem that would be awesome, im currently using a proxy on my server in the US just to post here

    - Mark

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    is that the only site that you can`t go in or is there other sites that are not accessible?
    Good Luck


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      yep, as far as i know its the only one..

      I have a theory that my stuff is setup wrong cause my network uses 192.168.0.x and petri is on 192.x.x.x and the server isnt forwarding the request to the internet.
      However i cant seem to overcome this. and am unsure as to what might be the problem and any possible solutions


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        How are you connect to the Internet?
        What is the Default Gateway (IP)?
        Are the clients being pointed to the 2003 server DNS?
        Is the 2003 server pointing to your ISP DNS? If not, where is it pointing to?
        Do you have a firewall?
        Does your firewall allow TRACERT to pass through it?
        What happens when you enter into your browser?
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          The server does respond to pings (I know because I configured it - blocking all the ICMP types is lame).

          I have several IP addresses blacklisted in the firewall as being suspected in things that are not related to innocent browsing of the site. Please send me a private message with your external IP (check with when not using proxy) and I will check if this is the case.
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            hey guys!

            thanks for the attemp at helping, but i found out my problem after all .. Wehn i added the alias to my modem so it could be seen from a 192.168.x.x address i specified the subnet as which meant it wasnt looking outside for the ipaddress i rkn..
            I re-jigged it with a subnet of and now it all works perfectly.

            Cheers for all your help though guys.. much appreciated