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  • "Who's online"?

    In my experience on forums, the "Who's Online" function/add-in/whatever tends to show hundreds and hundreds of users when in fact there are very few human beings online. Most of the "Guests" tend to be Search Engine Spiders. I've heard of a way to tweak the forum so that it eliminates these spiders from the figures...

    No idea how it's done but it seems a good idea?

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    Re: "Who's online"?

    I do not think you can eliminate them since they are online, but you can ID them so that when the Google spider comes along you can see it "Google" is online.
    Most people don't bother....
    No idea how Daniel and CO. has it setup. looks good, and there really is alot of traffic here.
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      Re: "Who's online"?

      I think you will find it is "Who's on First........."
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        Re: "Who's online"?

        You can hide the web crawlers from showing up on that list.
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