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Topic expiry date?

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  • Topic expiry date?

    Is there some sort of topic expiry date in these forums?

    I notice that many old posts dont continue over to say page 2,3,4 etc, they simply dissapear.

    Is that a setting I need to choose to see them, or do they just get removed after a certain amount of time?

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    Re: Topic expiry date?


    No threads are ever deleted, however old threads are locked after a period of time. What do you mean when you say you can't see them?

    Daniel Petri
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      Re: Topic expiry date?

      At the bottom of each forum it says "Display Options". By default you're not shown threads older than one month, but you can change this at will. This can be changed per forum in the admin area.

      As for your personal view:

      Thread Display Options -> Default Thread Age Cut Off
      You may specify a time period from which to display threads. Threads older than the age you specify will not be shown.
      You can change that for your own view, but it's a forum wide setting for your account.
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        Re: Topic expiry date?

        What do you mean when you say you can't see them?
        Apologies, its probably just me. I notice that when I look for an old post I may have read or contributed to it is not on the first page.

        When I go to look for it in subsequent pages I find that there is no pages 2,3,4 etc.

        But if I search for the item, I can find it & the extra pages then appear.

        Im certain this is a PEBCAK error, but cant work it ous as yet. Happens on Firefox, Safari & IE, so its not brower related.

        Ok, should have tried Wired suggestion. Thats got it.