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  • MVP task force is growing bigger

    In addition to our excellent moderators who have gained their position by proving their knowledge and commitment to this community, (formerly is proud to offer help and support from these recognized MVPs:

    (Based upon categories)

    Daniel "danielp" Petri (Exchange)
    Simon "Sembee" Butler (Exchange)
    Jeff Hicks (PowerShell)
    Jim McBee (Exchange)
    Pat Richards (Exchange)
    Brian McCann (Directory Services)
    Brian Desmond (Directory Services)
    Yuval "yuval14" Sinai (Windows Shell)
    Shai Cohen (PowerShell)
    Meni Milstein (Office Live Communications Server)
    Patrick Rouse (Terminal Services)
    Douglas Brown (Terminal Services)
    Al Jarvi (Windows Networking)
    Bill Castner (Windows Networking)
    Tarek Majdalani (Forefront Edge Security)

    To read more about the MVP program please go to

    As mentioned before, our excellent moderators are:

    Andrew "ahinson" Hinson
    Andrew "Auglan" Bromfield
    Chris "Biggles77" Breen
    Marcel "Dumber" Henderik
    Dan "DYasny" Yasny
    Jeremy "JeremyW" Weisinger
    Joe "joeqwerty" Webster
    Taulant "L4ndy" Elezi
    Michael "m80arm" Armstrong
    Maish "Maish" Saidel-Keesing
    Tom "Ossian" Jones
    Remco "Rems" Simons
    Simon "Sembee" Butler
    Sorin "sorinso" Solomon
    Andrew "tehcamel" Egan
    Steven "teiger" Teiger
    Chris "tonyyeb" Pratt
    James "Virtual" Mason
    William "wullieb1" Buntin
    Yuval "yuval14" Sinai
    David "daviddavis" Davis
    Jason "jasonboche" Boche
    Jennifer "JenMidnightDBA"McCown
    Sean "MidnightDBA"McCown

    I'm sure this huge amount of knowledge will help create the forums into one of the world's leading information resources.

    BTW, for your general knowledge, forum administrators are myself (danielp - link for PM), Biggles77 (link for PM) and Wired (link for PM). If anything comes up on the forums that require a mod's immediate attention please let one of us know.
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    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services