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Your PC is a blabbermouth!

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  • Your PC is a blabbermouth!

    Learn a decryption key by using a microphone to record the sounds the cpu makes.

    "In terms of real-world repercussions, acoustic cryptanalysis is actually surprisingly dangerous. Imagine if you were decrypting some files in a library, coffee shop, or other public space someone could obtain your decryption key just by placing their phone near your computer. Alternatively, an attacker could use spear phishing to put malware on your phone that listens for the decryption key. With HTML5 and Flash able to access the microphone, it would be possible to build a website that listens for encryption keys too. The researchers propose one particularly nefarious scenario: Put a microphone into a co-located server, slot it into a rack in a data center, and then scoop up the encryption keys from hundreds of nearby servers."
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    Re: Your PC is a blabbermouth!

    First they could read your screen from the reflection on your face. Now it blabs your secrets. Wonder what else is out there that the "intelligence" agencies use that we have no idea about.

    George "Pinwheel" Orwell must be must be rotating very rapidly in his grave.
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