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Is it good to learn Multiple Technologies

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  • Is it good to learn Multiple Technologies

    Hi All,

    I need suggestion ; I am currently Working on Windows/VMware. I am getting an opportunity to switch my job. In my new job I will be learning multiple technologies like SQL/VMware/Network/Firewall/Windows/Linux and others.

    New Job wants me to work on multiple technologies. In today's world it is good to learn multiple technologies or Should I stick to VMware (my favorite of all).

    Please Suggest


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    Re: Is it good to learn Multiple Technologies

    IMHO in the "current economic climate" the more skills you have, the better placed you will be.

    OTOH too wide a range suggests you are a generalist and therefore do not have the specialist skills to support businesses. I suggest you stick with one technology area (e.g. Virtualisation inc VMware, HyperV, AppV and a few others) or possibly one (or a few) vendor (I stick to Microsoft and avoid Linux, Cisco, VMware)

    Then again if an employer requires it, what choice do you have
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      Re: Is it good to learn Multiple Technologies

      I wouldn't ever turn down the chance to learn new things. If nothing else they give you better understanding of how everything works together. If virtualisation stuff is your "favourite" then you won't forget how it all works as your interest would ensure you'd keep fairly up to date anyway.

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        Re: Is it good to learn Multiple Technologies

        We all have favourites but technology moves on. My specialisation in addition to Windows Servers/Networking/Exchange/Hyper-V was ISA/TMG Firewalls, but that product is now discontinued so I'll be learning something new soon.

        It's pretty common now for jobs to advertise for multiple skills, so diversifying is useful so long as you don't dilute your existing skills.
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          Re: Is it good to learn Multiple Technologies

          I've never really been able to specialise due to the positions that i've held.

          I'm aiming to try and specialise in VMware when i get a job that deals with it