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Long time no tracert...

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  • Long time no tracert...

    hiya guys! its been a while since i was here, but due to recent economic developments in the states (or lack there of as the case may be) i havnt been doing any IT anything since i left here back in 2008...

    i got laid off from the city and only did small SOHO work here and there... but here it is 2012 and VIOLA! im back doing network admin work in Duval again.

    i felt bad cause i had just received the MVP award (thanks Daniel, i still use that hard drive!) and then had to leave. plus, i moved into a rural area without internet (i know thats hard to believe, but even walmart and mc donalds was 60 miles away!) and i hung up the mouse to ride a tractor...

    so i wasnt just in it for the free hard drive. i just wanted to reintroduce myself and let people know that i still have a soft spot for youll bee seing more of me around these days... maybe with more questions than answers these days! seems to have been a good deal of change from eX2003 and srv2008, so i might have to catch up for a minute.

    thanks for keeping this valuable forum around for all to use. i miss this place!

    James Haynes
    its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
    Give karma where karma is due...

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    Re: Long time no tracert...

    Hey James, glad you made it back. Looking forward to seeing you around here.

    How are the turnips growing?