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Thank You Micro$$$oft, you TWATS!!

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  • Thank You Micro$$$oft, you TWATS!!

    Went to download Server 8 Beta from my TechNet account today and found this as the "welcome" message.
    Beginning in mid-March 2012, subscribers to TechNet Subscriptions (excluding TechNet Standard which are entitled to 2 keys per product) may access a maximum allocation of three (3) product keys for Microsoft Office and Windows Client products in connection with their subscription. The allotted keys may only be used for software evaluation purposes. Once the maximum keys have been activated, no more keys will be made available. Additional product keys may be acquired through the purchase of an additional subscription.
    Since I received my first FREE TechNet in the last 90s when it was given as a reward for gaining the prestegious MCSE qualification, I have used used this and MAPS to help me become more proficient at using MS products. With the introduction of virtualisation it has been even better. At one time I had 26 different VM configurations on my laptop so I could test various software and the different configurations. This would not have been possible without me being able to use MAPS and/or TechNet and the multiple activations that some of the Product keys allowed. It has saved me multiple times when I had a problematic network as I was able to reproduce the configuration on my laptop and work away at it when I was away from the actual location.

    It is probably because of this that I have NEVER been required to use the 2 FREE microsoft support calls that a MAPS or TechNet gives you with your subscription. That is 32 free support calls gone to waste or save MS even more money. (Wonder how much they saved when they stopped giving away the TechNet reward?)

    Well MS will not get my renewal fee this year or any other year from now on. They have slowly whittled away any benefits qualification holders and those who have subscriptions until there is stuff all left. We are the people who have promoted MS, supported their bug riddled software, suffered from their lack of product support and paid for the "glorious honor" of doing it by taking courses to pass their exams and/or buying their support subscriptions. Well for me, enough is enough.

    Steve Balmer, go reproduce with yourself and take your crappy bug riddled, malware attraction, bloated code with you!! That is as polite as I can be given this is a public forum. (He really does remind me of Elliot Carver, the maniacialy idiot in the 007 movie who tried to take over the world)
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    EDIT: This is a personal reflection and it NO WAY represents those of the Forum, Site or Management.
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    Re: Thank You Micro$$$oft, you TWATS!!

    I'm sure it was only 2 keys in previous years. It used to be 10 in years gone by.


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      Re: Thank You Micro$$$oft, you TWATS!!

      Aren't these Multiple Activation Keys anyway (they used to be)?
      OK-- it seems not
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        Re: Thank You Micro$$$oft, you TWATS!!

        Yeah all my keys are retail.

        I think you can activate those 10 times anyway, not a lot really when your testing these things.


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          Re: Thank You Micro$$$oft, you TWATS!!

          And when you have used your present 5 activations and then delete the VM you have been testing, you find you can't activate again because you have used your 5 activations. Phone MS help and you get stuck with some twit in the Philippines (my wife is Filipino so I know the voice, accent, speech mannerism etc) only to be told that I have 50 activations. You know 5 x 10 "renewals" and there is NO way I can explain to this person that I have moved the application from a VM and need to have the software released so I can install it on some new VM. "But Sirrrrr, you have 50 activations". AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And so the merry-go-round begins. No I don't, yes you have, etc etc. No wonder people turn to pirate methods.
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