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  • USA contact at Dell?

    Sorry for the nerd rage, but I'm getting ^&*%^* over a barrel over here. Bought a new monitor on Monday with a temporary $50 price drop and 2 deals that are valid until the 31st (10% off and free 7 day shipping). They arrived 2 days later on Wednesday. Today I see that the same free shipping and 10% off coupon are still valid (obviously), but they dropped the base price an additional $60. Popped it into the cart just to confirm, yep, $60 cheaper. I called them up to get the $60 credited to my CC, and they claim that that I never used a coupon or anything, the price was just what it was. Either way, it's still clearly $60 cheaper which they did confirm.

    No problem, right? Just credit my CC... Uh, WTF, I have to ship BACK this monitor and order a new one just to get my $60? So if I do what they say, Dell's out the $60 price drop PLUS the cost of shipping my monitor back and the new one to me.

    When I worked there (used to do tech and then later sales), it was pretty damn obvious just to do the credit so they wouldn't incur the shipping fees. Regardless of how low shipping proces may be for Dell (26 lbs monitor mind you), it's still an additional cost they don't have to spend if they use an OUNCE OF COMMON SENSE. Back in the day even if you got a customer service rep that wasn't too bright and wouldn't give you the credit, the returns department would always figure it out and give it to you. Now apparently the return dept IS customer service... %^* ME.

    So, does anyone have contact information for a HUMAN REP IN THE UNITED STATES that I can contact (Employee Purchase Department if possible)?

    /end nerd rage

    Someone told me you can get a US rep if you ask for one. Called back, asked for a US rep, they said they'd transfer me no problem... Got another offshore rep (supposedly level 2). He couldn't transfer me to the US because they're a global company. It's a valid point, but so far Dell overseas reps have been batting .000. At least this guy understood the stupidity of multiple shipments and the higher cost to Dell. His supervisor said the same thing the othe rep did, that I'd have to cross ship to get the discount. Can't get the credit because I already got the item??? WTF, any other store can credit you. THEY understand that SHIPPING COSTS MONEY, and that it's quicker, cheaper, and better for customer service. ARG.

    Found a Reach Dell Resolution Expert Center online for "unresolved customer service issues". We'll see if that helps at all...
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    Re: USA contact at Dell?

    I just emailed my peripherals rep at Dell to see if I can forward his contact info to you to see if he can help. It's almost 10PM eastern time in the USA so I may not hear back from him until Monday but if I do I'll PM you his info.


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      Re: USA contact at Dell?

      Thanks, not sure what a business rep (presumably) can do for EPP, but I appreciate the effort.

      BTW, that was your 4,000th post, congrats!
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