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    This seems like the most appropriate forum for this ... apologies if I'm wrong (Mods, feel free to move it).

    So, I have a website, my aspiring author site, which is based on the latest version of Joomla. As my book nears publication I want to start promoting it and raising its (and my) profile. I wrote a blog post yesterday (Recent Trends in Sci-Fi Books) which seems to be fine but when I share it on Facebook I get just the logo of my website instead of the lead picture in the article (you can see that logo in the first picture present below with the link). I'm no fan of the thing but I get a similar problem on Twitter where other articles I've shared (on both Facebook and Twitter) display their lead images correctly.

    Clearly, there is either something wrong with the way I am sharing articles or something wrong with the way I am doing the articles themselves.

    Any idea?



    p.s. can't seem to add my image of what I get so here's the URL:
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    Hi Kyuuketsuki, unfortunately we are having an issue with attaching things to the posts at the moment so we can see what they are at the moment. The issue is being worked on as I type and it will be back up and running as soon as possible. Sorry about this.
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      I don't know if these will help, but hopefully they will at least point you in the right direction
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        Thx Blood ... my god, I sound like a Kentish Chav!

        J C Rocks (An Aspiring Author's Journey)
        The Abyssal Void War: Stars, Hide Your Fires


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          I believe that this [MOD EDIT link deleted] tool may be quite useful for you in promotion.

          [MOD EDIT - please read the forum rules especially about NOT posting links to inappropriate sites. Hacking farcebook accounts definitely qualifies. Warning issued, not a ban because its Christmas]
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