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vForum 2010 - Sydney

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  • vForum 2010 - Sydney

    Anyone on Oz going to this???

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    Re: vForum 2010 - Sydney

    Well first day is over and by feck it was hard going.

    Best part of the day for me was Scott Drummonds's piece at the end of the day. Fantastic fun and i actually learned quite a bit in just that session.

    Another day beckons tomorrow then back to Brissie.

    Ohh and the weather was magic


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      Re: vForum 2010 - Sydney

      You actuly flew down from brissy... If I ahd know that I could of stowed away in your bags.... drat.

      Hope you have fun, I wanted to attend, but I have no reason as we do not use any Virt servers

      Good to be back....


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        Re: vForum 2010 - Sydney

        Cheers bud.

        2nd day was pretty interesting as well.

        Couple of AV vendors talking about securing the systems without installing AV on the servers or clients. Seems to be somehting i'll look at.

        Another note was the VMware View 4.5 which looks like a fascinating piece of kit that could petentially save us some money long term. Need to do more investigation about how it would work with CAD apps then maybe, just maybe we could implement.


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          Re: vForum 2010 - Sydney

          Pics or it didn't happen!!
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            Re: vForum 2010 - Sydney

            Can give oyu pics of Darling Harbour.

            I'm not that sad that i took pics of the confrence lol.