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Cool - Moving online webserver using public transport

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  • Cool - Moving online webserver using public transport

    "Five guys moving a server to a new datacenter without shutting it down. Without cutting it off from the internet. And as using a car would have been too easy, they used public transport."


    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services

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    Re: Cool - Moving online webserver using public transport

    That, is some pretty serious skillz bro.
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      Re: Cool - Moving online webserver using public transport

      I've done something similar but nowhere near as AWESOME.

      When I did it, we had to move our server room in a school from one room to another, same floor, same building. The server rack was on casters so we literally unplugged the UPS from the power socket and the backbone switch from its downlinks and wheeled the entire cab to the new room with the servers still live. Time spent on battery - under 10 minutes. Seems kinda nooby by comparison now
      Gareth Howells

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